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How to Watch the Latest Free Netflix 2021

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How to Watch Netflix for Free – For those of you movie fans, you must be familiar with Netflix. Yes, Netflix is ​​one of the most popular streaming apps at the moment. In this application, you can watch movies, podcasts, and even TV series. Currently, Netflix has grown very rapidly in the last few years and is already used by millions of viewers in the world.

Watching movies is indeed one of the entertainments for everyone to relieve fatigue from various strenuous activities. But unfortunately, to watch movies, we often have to go to the cinema, but for those of you who are lazy to go to the cinema, you can download a movie streaming application with the name Netflix which is found on the Playstore and on the App Store. So how do you use this Netflix application?

Currently, Netflix is ​​one of the best and most popular movies streaming applications worldwide. Many people have accused this application to be able to watch the latest cool shows and movies. Then can we watch movies with Netflix for free? Indeed, there are several ways to watch Netflix, one of which is with a VPN. However, using a VPN we are charged a fairly large fee per month.

This of course will be quite difficult for those of you who only have modest funds so that not a few people find out how to watch Netflix for free. Well, for those of you who are curious about how we will review a little information about how to watch Netflix for free. And without having to linger, here’s how to watch the latest free Netflix at this time.

How to Watch Netflix for Free

For those of you who really like movies, of course, you are always looking for the latest films at this time. But unfortunately with some streaming services today it does require us to continue to subscribe and of course, it will be charged normally per month. Well, for those of you who don’t want to bother with the monthly fee, we will briefly review some ways to watch Netflix for free. And here is the complete information.

In general, to enjoy the services of this Netflix application, you have to register and pay for a subscription package. In addition, this Netflix application will also offer new users to try the trial version for a month which is definitely free. But what if you get a free Netflix account and password?

To get a free Netflix account you have to search in cyberspace. But usually, the account will not last long. We better try the free trial for one month. The way to get a free trial is as follows.

  1. Go to the website or the Netflix app that is already installed on your smartphone
  2. Then select Join Free For A Month
  3. Then click See The Plans
  4. Then click Continue
  5. The next step is to enter your email and password to register a Netflix account akun
  6. Then just fill in the payment method / Payment Method. In this step you have to fill in the credit card data.
  7. Finally, just click START MEMBESHIP

Well, we have to have a credit card to watch Netflix for free for one month. You don’t have to worry about your credit card balance being deducted, because the money will be deducted on the next payment. You can also unsubscribe at any time by deactivating automatic payments on the credit card previously used to register for Netflix.

For those who are afraid of cutting their credit card balance, we recommend using the Paypal payment method that is connected to the Credit Card. The reason is that Paypal has a menu available to unsubscribe from a service, so we can immediately deactivate Netflix’s Automatic Payment, then just enjoy watching Netflix for free for a whole month.

Currently, Netflix can be accessed using various devices such as TV, PC, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet, iPad, and others. All of that is accessed via the internet to send streaming data and you also have to pay attention if the quota on your smartphone is available.

2. How to Watch Netflix With Browser Extensions

The next way to watch Netflix for the free US is by manipulating the functionality of the browser you are using. This extension has a function to change the IP address you are using and can unblock sites installed as well as in this Netflix. The advantage of using this browser extension Netflix application is that it can open block access easily and quickly because IP or extensions are available in all countries in the world. The next advantage is that there are more free ones than paid ones.

3. How to Watch Netflix With a VPN

Furthermore, you can also watch Netflix with a VPN. VPN is also known as Virtual Private Server or Virtual Private Network. VPN is one of the best alternatives that you can use to unblock online sites. Because in this VPN service they really have the security and speed functions that they promise but are not free.

A VPN is where you connect, just like a proxy. The difference is if a VPN is made specifically for that purpose so that it can be distinguished from a proxy. Besides being able to access Netflix US using a VPN, there are other advantages such as protecting the privacy of your online identity and being able to double the security of your browsing on the internet.

Typically, VPN services use IP addresses in 25 different countries. Users will be given a choice when connecting with any IP address. The cost of using the VPN itself is $3 / month to $10 per month.

4. How to Watch Netflix With a Paid/Free Proxy

Now a proxy is a server that is owned by each user online, which you can connect to. So that your internet uses the server. Generally, proxies are provided for free but can make us annoyed when using them because there are already many ads that appear everywhere. Proxies are used all over the world which makes the speed slower.

And if you have tried watching Netflix US with a proxy, then you can visit the website. In addition, there is a lot of information about proxies that you can discuss on the site. And the advantage of using this proxy is that it is free and can be used very easily. In addition, there are also disadvantages to using this paid proxy, which is that there are already many free proxies that have very low speeds, because of the many users.

So, those are some ways to watch Netflix for free that you can do at home. By using the methods above, of course, you can watch various TV shows comfortably without having to be required to pay every month. That’s the information that we can convey, hopefully, it can be useful for all of you, and don’t forget to keep reading reviews about the latest technology news at

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