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A two-part update is coming to Minecraft: Caves & Cliffs

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Caves & Cliffs, the first part of the Minecraft update for the coming months, will bring new blocks to the game

“Caves & Cliffs” is the name of the upcoming update for Minecraft. There will be two parts to the upcoming update, which is expected to revolutionize the creation of caves and mountains in the game. As part of the North American summer schedule, the first stage will introduce 91 new blocks, while the second stage will arrive at the end of the year. 

During this part of the update, the new generation of caves will not appear, but the new randomly generated blocks can already be found in players’ underworlds. In addition to being able to find new copper ore in their chests, the abandoned mines will have an improved appearance, with pillars and chains supporting them.

Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update

It is possible to find stalactites and stalagmites in the caves, as well as amethysts to produce Spyglasses (a type of spyglass), glow lichen, and hard rocks, such as DeepSlate. On sunken ships, special types of moss can be used to create plants with Bone Meal. Additionally, users can use the Mystery Merchant if they are unable to obtain an item naturally.

The look of ore will change to be more distinctive than just colors. Colorblind players will now be able to recognize ore types more easily thanks to this feature, developers said. Furthermore, once the ores are extracted, there will no longer be a block of ore left behind, but a raw material that will be melted in an oven to create the traditional bar.

It is already being developed to use copper materials to develop lightning rods, which will reduce the risk of fires starting accidentally. A copper item will gradually change its color as oxidation occurs, which will be the first part of the update.

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