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How to participate & win the Deathstroke costume in Fortnite’s championship

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As part of its own Battle Royale championship, Deathstroke will also participate as the villain from Teen Titans.

The Zero Terminator Championship is being held on Thursday (27 May 2021). Participants will have the opportunity to win the Deathstroke costume, as well as Deathstroke’s Katanas, in this time’s solo tournament. There will be a special event before the skins become available in the Epic Games Battle Royale store on Tuesday. This action in Fortnite brings to the forefront the crossover with DC Comics’ Teen Titans, a group of heroes who have previously appeared in the game in the form of Ravenna and Beast Boy, which featured a championship when the game was launched.

How to participate & win the Deathstroke costume in Fortnite's championship

The details about how to participate in the Zero Exterminator Championship can be found below. As a reminder, Fortnite may be downloaded for free on PC (via the Epic Games Store ), PlayStation 5 (PS5), PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and in mobile versions for Android phones.

For players to participate in the Zero Death Championship, Epic Games accounts must have Two Factor Authentication (ADF) enabled, and the user must also be at least level 30. Furthermore, players under the age of 18 must have a legal or responsible guardian’s permission to play. In Fortnite itself, you can register under the “Compete” tab, where you can find the exact start time of the tournament as well.

As many points as possible will be accumulated during a three-hour period during which participants will play up to ten games. Terminator Zero’s costume and other accessories will be given out to the best players in Fortnite. It varies from region to region how many users are eligible for the main prize. 

You can see how the tournament’s scoring system will look in the table below. Participants will earn points for every elimination.

Fortnite Zero Exterminator Championship – Scoring System

Victory Royale30
11 ° -15 °11
16 ° -20 °9
21 ° -25 °7
26 ° -30 °5
31 ° -35 °4
36 ° -40 °3
41 ° -50 °two
51 ° -75 °1
Source: Epic Games

The 4th edition of the Batman / Fortnite comics will also include the Deathstroke Destructor Terminator in addition to Deathstroke items being available in the store starting on Tuesday (1). Players can redeem the hang glider by obtaining a code from the comic that will be available the same day that the items ship to the store.

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