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Pinterest: How to Create a Secret Board

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Like Facebook and Instagram, on this platform, you can upload photos to share with any user who can see it. Similarly, you can also create a secret board on Pinterest.

How Pinterest works is sometimes tedious, because it is a bit confusing. If we are used to using Instagram or Facebook. However, it is not something from the other world nor does it have an exact science behind it that merits the study of the application as such.

Pinterest: How to Create a Secret Board

Now, dashboards are created within profiles. There is an option that specifies ‘create a board’ and start uploading images to it; as simple as that.

But if we want to secretly create or make a board on Pinterest. We must go to the edit symbol in the lower corner of the board, and there select the option to ‘make it secret’. There you can already establish who sees it and who does not see it, in addition to using it as you please.

If you want to secretly use a board on Pinterest, you just have to click to add a photo or image as if it were a public board, and put whatever you want or consider that you should keep it saved there.

You can also download the Pinterest application for the PC with Windows operating system, in addition to being able to download it from your mobile phone.

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